Things to hopefully be achieved in the future


hope  hope  The Encyclopaedia composed onto compact disks (C.D).

hope  hope  Technically register it onto video and audio cassettes.

hope  hope  The Encyclopaedia to be translated into international languages; some researchers have already started to translate some volumes.

hope  hope  To be entered onto the internet, the published parts have already been entered there.

hope  hope  To invite scholars to study each of its subjects, some academics have already commenced to do so.

hope  hope  To found an information centre on Imam Al-Hussain (PBUH).

hope  hope  To found a library to contain all writings on Imam Al-Hussain including video tapes.

hope  hope  To found an institute for Hussaini public speakers for training them to the highest level of internationally recognised academic standards, provided that their degrees will be accepted with international educational institutions; also to found a society for the speakers to protect their interests.

hope  hope  Production of cinematic and TV films on the biography of Imam Al-Hussain, his family and partisans on all levels.

hope  hope  Performance of theatrical plays on the Imam and his family and partisans.

hope  hope  Convening seminars on the Hussaini Cause for promotion of the Hussaini goals in the field.

hope  hope  Building a Hussaini society to provide all material and spiritual requirements of life.

hope  hope  Founding an international centre to administer Hussaini ‘waqf’ endowments in the world as well as reclaiming hidden ones in orchestration with all Hussaini institutions.

hope  hope  Founding a centre for preserving the shrines of the Imam and his disciples.

hope  hope  Founding a TV channel or a radio station to convey the voice of Imam and his uprising.


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