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Scholar Sheikh Muhammad Sadiq Al-Karbassi


- Date of Birth: 5/12/1366 H, (20-10-1947 C).

- Birthplace: The Holy City of Karbala, Iraq.

- Descendant of Malik ibn Al-Harith Al-Ashtar Al-Nakha’i.

- From a recognized well-educated family.

- Graduated from the established academic institutions of Karbala, Najaf, Tehran and Qum.

- Practiced teaching, authorship, research and imamate.

- Practiced teaching Islamic bodies of knowledge in different cultural metropolitan cities.

- He has lived in Iraq, Iran, The Lebanon, and Syria. He now resides in the United Kingdom.

- His work has exceeded the hundreds, with self-fulfilment in the Hussaini Encyclopedia.

- He is the author of essays and articles published in various magazines.

- Verified numerous pieces of intellectual work.

- Founded, or took part in founding, some forty institutions.

-Taken part in numerous intellectual and social activities.

- His biography has been cited in numerous reference books.

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